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#2 Katrina Catalano - Backyard Ecology

In episode #2 of Science in Progress I chat with Katrina Catalano a PhD candidate at Rutgers University. Katrina works out of the Pinsky lab at Rutgers University. For this episode we chat about backyard ecology projects. Katrina shares her awesome expeirence with bee keeping, composting (both out in the yard AND in the kitchen) and brewing kombucha! (n.b. I now have lots of kombucha brewing here in the “recording studio”). Essentialy backyard ecology topics focus on fun ways for us to harness the power of ecology right at home.

I have to give a shoutout to Katrina’s excellent blog. The blog has fun and engaging stories meant for kids that are based on real primary research. Head on over to Katrina’s blog and check out those stories!

As always, thanks to the ESA Student Section for supporting this endavour.

Thanks to #1 beta-tester Oliver Stringham.

And lastly, thanks to you for tuning in. You can always stream episodes via the link at the top of the page, or whever you get podcasts (itunes, spotify, overcast, stitcher).