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#15 Manuel Lequerica - Urban Ecology

In today’s episode I chat with Manuel Lequerica, a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney. We talk about the fascinating aspects of urban ecology including light pollution, human connection with nature and plant/insect interactions. We also have fun discussions about what it’s like to follow different passions for research and why it’s OK to be fascinated by lots of different things. Thanks to Manuel for this episode!! Also, thank you Alejandra Echeverri for introducing us. If you haven’t listened to the episode I recorded with Ale, you should! (It’s episode number 13).

Manuel’s lab is here

Manuel is also part of this research group.

Manuel has a blog and find him on twitter as @M_Lequerica

Manuel’s lab does awesome work. Check out some of their research in these articles

Arthropod responses to urbanisation Environmental drivers of spider community composition at multiple scales along an urban gradient EC Lowe, CG Threlfall, SM Wilder, DF Hochuli Biodiversity and Conservation 27 (4), 829-852

Petrol exhaust pollution impairs honey bee learning and memory RJ Leonard, V Vergoz, N Proschogo, C McArthur, DF Hochuli. Oikos

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In the episode we talked about other urban ecology projects. Learn more about them on these sites:

London Underground mosquitos

NYC rats

Global urban evolution project